"The entertainer you select will be taking on the responsibility of over 80% of the success of your party and most likely is paid less than 3% of your total budget. If the DJ you hire is a poor performer or a no-show at your event, you have wasted your entertainment money. Donít hire a cheap DJ. You will be sorry in the end." - Modern Bride Magazine

Does the DJ service sound interested in your occasion during the initial phone conversation? Do they take time to listen, as well as, explain their services? Or, do they sound fake, artificial and unprofessional? Your first impression is important!

Be cautious of bargain DJ's. Some give a base rate and upcharge for "optional" items. Perhaps even giving discounts on specific nights for the same show they charge more for on Saturday night! Itís possible that they may compromise the integrity of all DJís. The bottom line is you get what you pay for!

If the occasion is a wedding, how experienced is your "specific" DJ with weddings and bridal parties? (not the service, the DJ you are about to hire). Avoid DJ's that say "they handle all occasions." Many DJís have experience playing music... not entertaining. After all, is a class reunion or high school dance the same as a wedding?

Does the DJ service meet with you prior to your event? Does the entertainer advise you on the event or just show up that night without prior planning? Have you been dealing with the actual DJ, or have you been dealing with a professional sales agent who does not perform the night of the event?

Don't be misled by the number of songs some DJ's boast about. In a typical 4 hour show, a DJ will play approx. 50 - 60 songs, not the 20,000 selections they talk about in their advertising. This reflects the "jukebox" type DJ, not an entertainer. Music variety and selection is needed to handle requests. A professional entertainer can read the crowd and know what music to perform to motivate and involve them. A bad DJ will still be bad, even if they have 100,000 songs in their library! So ask yourself... if the DJ can only play 50-60 songs in a 4 hour event... what happened to the other 19,950 songs they boasted about?

Know what you want! Just as there are different types of bands, there are different types of DJ's. This can be influenced by the type of event.

Attempt to view the DJ service doing a similar sized and style of event prior to booking them. Make sure you hire the same show, equipment, and DJ you viewed, not a partner or another unit from the same company. Go see that unit / DJ which is available for the night of your event.

The music source should be digital only! However, just because a DJ service is 100% digital, does not guarantee good sound quality. The DJ needs to have a "world class" sound system. Avoid DJís that use tapes and remember it is illegal to use downloaded music off the internet, as it violates copyright law. Finally, if a DJ is using mp3's on a computer hard drive, 1) are they obtained legally, and 2) what happens if the drive crashes during the event? Exercise judgement in this area.

Does the DJ service have information to send you? Perhaps a web site to visit? How about a list of references to contact? How professional and original is the DJ service in their overall approach?

Finally, DO NOT select your DJ based on cost. Your entertainer will spend more time with your guests than any other part of the event! Yet in most cases, the entertainment cost is no greater than 5-7% of the event's total cost! Saving a few dollars is not warranted in the overall cost of the event. The entertainment can "make or break" the evening. In the case of a wedding, do people remember the limo, the cake or the flowers a year from now? Not really! What they remember is how much fun it was and how tired their feet were from dancing!

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